Maintaining Your Pool

Your pool, like so many things, functions better with regular maintenance. Regular maintenance visits will keep your pool working at peak performance throughout the year. They also help uncover any potential problems, before they become serious, which will keep your pool healthy and open all season.

Lifestyle Concepts, Inc. offers a variety of customized maintenance programs to keep your pool, and waterscape in excellent working condition. These are normally scheduled on a weekly or biweekly basis to check normal operating parameters of all pool equipment, or they can be customized to accommodate any particular customer requirements.

When purchasing a new home with an existing pool. An inspection of the pool structure, plumbing, pool deck, and electrical by an expert is highly recommended. Lifestyle Concepts, Inc. can provide a written comprehensive assessment ensuring that the potential homeowner is fully aware of the true condition of the pool and whether or not it is in code compliance.

  • Deck Inspection
  • Structural Integrity of Shell
  • Diagnostics of Pool Equipment
  • Leak Detection, (dive test)
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Plumbing of pool lines and pressure testing